something playable

spent most of the day adding graphics, animations and stuff that makes the game nicer to look at... this paid off:-)

tomorrow i'll add vertical-scrolling... you should always be forced to move up, because the plattforms at the bottom explode.

It's not optimized at all. by hitting ENTER you start a new level, making the game as-fast-as-currently-possible again

things i'd like to include tomorrow:

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That looks great. I like the idea, too. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished game.
Really fun, particle effects make blowing stuff up a *blast* (I crack myself up sometimes).
haha, yes the particle effects :-) I'd love to make those even prettier... but they already eat a lot of ressources which i should rather throw at the coll-detection-problems.
link to big screeny, link above is wrong ... dam copy&paste