Feature request: zip linting

I think it would be really useful if the upload system could perform some basic checks on the uploaded .zip file and report obvious issues to the entrant before publishing the file, such as:

* Tar/zip bomb (there's always at least one)
* Game is under generic directory name (rather than game-specific)
* Missing requirements.txt
* Missing readme file

It doesn't have to block the upload entirely, but it could display a big bold warning.  This could help reduce frustration on the part of judges.

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Was thinking of adding an upload feature that does this to the PyWeek CLI tool.

Adding slow tasks like this to the site is difficult because of how limited the hosting environment is.

Perhaps just a simple checklist in the upload form is all that's required?

Use case: In order to submit the upload (if marked as final) you additionally need to tick the following check boxes:

* I have checked this file can be decompressed properly.
* This file decompresses into a new folder named in a way related to my game.
* I have included game instructions in either the README or other obvious documentation.
* I have included instructions and a requirements.txt or other means of installing needed third party modules.

(and perhaps for 2020, since Python 2.7 is EOL at the end of this year)

* I have checked this entry works with Python 3.

Just by reminding folks with this checklist will, I believe, solve a LOT of the problems @rdb mentions.