Urgent - Can't post an entry - should I have joined sooner?

I've spent all week working on my game, and it looks fantastic. All I need to do is submit it. I can't see anywhere how to do this. I've managed it before. I've looked through all the relevant documentation I can find.

Maybe I should have entered the competition sooner?

I've got an account and I'm logged in. What should I do next?


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  • open your profile
  • click view profile
  • select the pyweek 28 entry
  • then upload an entry
  • select the file and check the 'final submission' checkbox
  • Press Add File

That should do it.
Thanks. And the problem is that I don't see a Pyweek28 entry. I probably should have entered earlier - but I thought that submitting an entry is the same as entering
then you will have to sign up I guess....

contact an admin if you still have trouble after that
I think registration closes the moment the challenge ends.  Maybe contact lordmauve on IRC if he's willing to make an exception and create an entry for you in the DB.
Got it, thanks. Either way, I enjoyed creating the game, and I now know for next time :-)
If you don't get it registered, please share it with us anyway.  You can upload it to itch.io, and post a link to it on the discusion board.  I'm sure many of us would love to try it out :)
Thanks. I'll see if I get anywhere tonight. If not, I'll check out itch.io and post something on the discussion board
I'm glad that you got your entry registered after all!
Thanks. And thanks for your help - it was very easy after that

I'm looking forward checking out Hobot's Ascent and some of the other games. And I may have a look at your source code - I'm curious to see show how easy it is to use Panda3D

Judging from your blog post you've put an enormous amount of time into this