PyTower, the second day

Well, I think I managed a lot of stuff, especially considering a lot of "first time problems" for me in python and in game programming generally (that means that I probably solved it the wrong way :)).
So what have I accomplished today?
1.Fleshed out the main idea, including how it will be done (well a bit).
2.HUD - Heads Up Display. Again, very generic, modular, read from an ini, as it's gonna be subject to many changes.
3.Got my first brick type (gray) and it works. Check the game upload, and the readme.txt
4.Graphics! Aren't they pretty? Thanks to Pixarra's TwistedBrush. My art never looked less programmer :)
5.I've been spending way too much time on graphics (TwistedBrush makes it so fun!) and even more time on IRC...That should be cut off, more code tommorow. No food for me! No sleep :)
6. I don't usually drink coffee or alcohol to help programming, but I think I shall start...With the alcohol I mean - not desperate enough for coffee.
7. Download my game and play it...Please drop a line about the features you would like to see in a SIM TOWER clone...Other stuff you want to comment about. Especially people that test it on linux.

That's it for now, keep on the good work, and come hang out with me in the irc channel. :)

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Added screenies, I don't want to put them here so here are the links (so that you don't have to go the to entry site :)):
The concept of how it should look with towers (Paint :P)
A screenshot of the "game" in case it fails on you and you still wanna see it
The background picture, thank TwistedBrush
Hmm, I've sworn off all alcoholic beverages for the course of this week. My mind needs to stay sharp to write all this code. Coffee, on the other hand, increases blood circulation to the brain, as does staying well hydrated and fed.