The Stone Speaks.

The Stone Inscription

This week isn't going at all well in terms of time management. :-(

However, I've managed to spend a solid afternoon today and will work into this evening to get the "grunt" work done. Since this is a mix of prose, photography, sound effects and music I'm having rather a fun time fitting together and refining the game. It's very much an organic process -- a bit like tending a garden -- as the story emerges from the interplay of the different game assets. While I'm playing what I've created so far, it certainly feels like a mysterious alchemist's tower.

On a technical note... I'm quite please with how PyperCard enables the movement around the world. It's all quite Myst-ish (which is what I'm aiming for).

I guess I'll have to see how far I get and, if it's quite short, you'll know I've run out of time.