The Big Push

Well, the last 32 hours have been nuts.

After writing the preceding diary entry, I decided I'd take the next day
off work, or I'd never make it in time.

I went in to a cafe early and kept topping up on coffee while getting down
on paper literally all the dialogue for the game. It took about two hours.
I was blocked to begin with on Rapunzel's rhymes but by the end the words
seemed to arrive quite easily.

But I had made some false assumptions about how to organise the dialogue.
I had the speech separated out into themes. I thought I would change the
context at different points in the game, and all the characters would
switch in the same way to their appropriate phrases. But that was way too
complicated and required a lot greater wordage than I had time to make.

So when I got back I rejigged all that. There were also some bugs to fix,
in code I thought I could trust. So my perception of progress was never
reliable enough for me to feel confident.

The good news was that having all the words on paper made creating script
files a low-risk process. And in the background I started setting my
drum machine going, to find some beats I could use as a backing track.

By bedtime nearly all the script files were done. Sadly, I never hit on
any sounds that I felt would fit as a backing track. So it looks like
the game will have no music, which is a shame.

Still, it plays better than some of my other efforts. I've just fixed
the death screen. Python packaging is in place. A bit more dialogue
required here and there.

If you want to take an early peek (before release), then the repository is here.