Long Overdue Diary Entry

So I've been working tirelessly on player/wall collisions implementing keys and locked doors associated with keys and implementing how a player proceeds to the next level. There's still a lot of things that I still need to implement before I finish the project. At this point an "All nighter" or two is warranted to finish the project.

List of things i still need to implement.



an actual player sprite(blue stick figure? REALLY?!)

basic combat mechanics.

art for title screen

instruction's and story

Game Over screen

and probably a few other things I may have missed.

So yeah I have a lot on my plate. And I cant waste any time doing it. If all else fails I could try and release it as is despite having unfinished content and once Pyweek finishes I'll work on the little details afterwards. I'm actually liking this current project.

EDIT: I've lost count on how many hours I've spent on this project :P