Bogged down

I'm getting a bit bogged down...

The original plan was to have the tower you build acting as a rigid body fused together, and have it topple accordingly, however I decided this was a bit simplistic, and would make the game easy.

Next plan was to work out the loading in each of the blocks, given the weight of each individual block. However, this is quite hard to solve, as the structure could be statically indeterminate, meaning I'd have to produce a lot of simultaneous equations and solve them to find the final state of stress. I'm not sure if this will be possible to do in real time.

Been trying to get that to work all day, with no success. Will probably scrap that all and start again tomorrow. I think once that is done the rest should be just coding, making fancy art, and getting a few sounds together.

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As an approximation, how about determining the stresses/strains iteratively? Start just by adding the forces on each box from each neighbouring box, then do this a few more times until it reaches stability (or explodes)? If the equations are linear you could also optimise this using a sliding window (much like image convolution).