Day 1

Larry's idea is to do a Robotron-style game with swords and shields, using Wasabi2d. I spent the morning putting together an animated knight character. He has a few different moves. You can also add him in different colours. Here's a video of using two gamepads to control two different knights:

It turns out Larry wants it to be smaller and faster, and to use twin stick gamepads. So he is exploring gameplay to that effect, and how to fallback to cheaper gamepads or mouse+keyboard, while I have worked on shrinking the graphics.

There were a couple of effects that I couldn't quite pull off in Wasabi2D 1.0.0 so I switched to adding them; I've now cut a Wasabi2d 1.1.0. If anyone is using Wasabi2d and wants to send a PR during the week I'll try to get it merged.

The latest version looks like this, video at :