Does exist a kind of Ren'py for python3 ?

Ren'py is very smart for beginers.

I was looking for a python3 version ; or maybe somebody here already made  something similar in a project i can recycle ?

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What features of Ren'py are most important to you?

I have used it in the past and I'm starting to think that you could achieve similar effects just using modern HTML/CSS/SVG.
Would you consider building your game as a web app?
No, i would have used something ready to use upon pyglet, to spare time and concentrate energy on gameplay.

Ren'py's value proposition is the scripting language, SDK and cross-platform/mobile distribution I think. The graphics capabilities are pretty simple afaict.
Yes, it worked cross-platform at one time. Trouble is, everything has moved on to the point that I can no longer get an old Ren'py game of mine (pyweek 13) to run in either Linux or Windows. I'd guess Mac would be the same, except I no longer own one.

The ability to run your own work a few years onward is pretty important. Who wants to make anything with such a short lifespan?

Right now, I'm thinking the most universal, portable and durable format is a Docker container. Which is leading me towards the idea of a web app.

My submission for this current pyweek will be of this kind. I'm very constrained on time, so it's likely to be the simplest thing I can possibly get working. Python3.7, HTML, CSS3. Maybe some SVG but likely not even that.

have a look here :

with flask it's very good !