classification : bring order for a easy to find example

you are thinking about making a game, you remember there is a pyweek game example here.
you are looking at a specific module or engine, but you forgot the game name, and the team name, even the pyweek session.

So you have to dig now...

What about giving possibility to fill a form just as soon as challenge begin :
ex python 3.7+ , module arcade  or cocos, or godot engine , with platform style and 3D technology.

do you use cython at bottleneck ? do you use numpy ?
do you use photo realism ? do you use electro music ? Pedagogic content ? Explicit jokes ?
What kind of universe : Medieval ? SF ? Cyberpunk universe ?
RPG ? STR ? point & click adventure ?
or 2.7 compatible, no python3 support, only text game, rogue-like style but maybe multiplayer support ?

it takes 1 minute to fill, and spare hours for "diggers".

imagine you can have a catalog of all pyweeks games , a kind of pretty database , and pick up exactly what you need !

How many games when this session will be done ???

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I agree. One I started a project to try to automatically tag all uploads for things that can be easily automatically detected. But I never got it merged. And now other issues with the site are more pressing.

Pull requests welcome at