PyWeek 28 theme candidates analysis


I remember fondly Cosmologicon's overview of theme candidates. I don't see his post now, so perhaps GPT-2 (via can fill in for the time being. (The bold part is my prompt, the rest is generated by the neural network.)


This is a brilliant game about garlic. The player is given 3 missions to complete. All you have to do is grab the garlic in the market and cook it. There are 12 different types of garlic and you take turns playing as different characters and trying to eat up, get rid of and keep from getting killed by the other characters. You start off the game with a single garlic and you keep collecting garlic until you have 4,000. You keep growing garlic so you can get the maximum amount of garlic for the first round. At the end of round 5 you will have 5 million garlic and the game is over.

You've got mail

"You've got mail" is a brilliant game where the player has to take the most important letter of every week and deliver it in the appropriate time window. I think a similar mechanic would work here: you are looking for a particular letter to deliver to the correct people. Each letter carries a story to the point that you won't be surprised by them, and that will give you a very specific experience of the world. I think it would be great to make something this specific because it could be used as a gateway to a lot more other mechanics, even if you are not using the actual game. It might even be a great way to promote the game if enough people have already started.


Microscope Deathmatch is a brilliant game about microflora. The best new features include: the ability to track your own individual microbes' growth through your skin, the ability to watch your microbial growth from 3 meters away as you swim, the game's use of the Microscope-like system of microscopes, the addition of many new colors of your own skin, and the power to make the microbes in your skin interact with each other to create new microbes, which the player can then communicate with each other about in the game's chat room and in the game.

Microscope Deathmatch's story begins with a virus which begins to change your skin. It's the first step in a quest that takes your organism to new places in the world that you never knew existed. This is a tale of disease, and death, a story about a man whose very skin is his greatest weapon in the fight against it. This is an intriguing story that is unlike anything you've ever seen.


Ultimately this game is all about foothills. The player has to ascend through steep ground, from the lowest point in the world, to reach the highest point (which contains the center), and finally the very top! While the game is quite simple here, its complexity is at its most amazing when the player has to ascend up some of the steepest steps that can be taken, and its most incredible when, through these steps, the player gets the view of the very large and complex landscape which they must traverse to reach the top.

The game is very well designed, with lots of clever and cool concepts. It's not a game that looks like other games, but is very different.


I love Towers. Such a great game. The best part is that they were designed with the old school player in mind. You build towers, they do their thing and then they die. No waiting around. There have been times where I needed to save my castle or get the best materials and towers died before I could build them. Some days I was even at a loss. However, these are the rare occasions.

Also, the game does not end with the end of the game. It starts off with a new castle and a new level. At the end of each level you can do whatever to help your village survive or your castle. It's not a traditional game where I need to destroy things and go win the game. There is plenty of time for that. I love the idea of helping other players without them having to actually be there for me to do it.

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This is brilliant. I hope Microflora is picked so I can try your microscope-like system of microscopes.