Day 3 - Graphics, Animations, and More Levels

Today was a productive day. Not as productive as it could've been, but it still was very productive.

So I got a funny award yesterday saying my Screenshot looked like a IChing Hexagram. I had absolutely no idea what that was so I looked it up and it did look a lot like my minimalist temporary graphics I had. That reminded me I actually need to start making Graphics, so thank you for whoever gave me that award. So I spent a couple of hours in Photoshop today putting together some pixel tiles and objects for use in game, and ultimately this is what the result was:

Day 3 Screenshot

I also switched fonts from the Default Pygame font to a cooler pixel font to match with the pixel graphics.

Another awesome thing I did today is I created animations for the Player (which is now a cute little slime). I made it look smoother when you move from tile to tile and when you enter portals. I also made it so he bobs up and down as time goes on. There was one other block that I spent a lot of time on today so I decided to make some temporary animations for it, which was the portal.

Here's a demo of the new animations in-game:

Day 3 Animation

I sort of had what I guess you could call a "writers block" but for Level Design. I was only to make 3 Levels today because I got a little too obsessed over making the levels just the right amount of difficulty. Though I was still able to churn out some quality levels.

In the end, it was a productive day and I'm happy with what I was able to accomplish. See you all tomorrow.