Here goes the number 6 !

Glad the number 6 was the chosen theme !
We couldn't figure out what we were going to do with "Barber of Seville" ^^'
Day #1
Yeah, I forgot to write that yesterday !
We already had a basic idea for the theme 6. So that we spent half of the day thinking about some details of the game.
We came up with the Idea of a Rogue-Lite dungeon crawler which is taking place in an hexagonal grid.
Our character is able to chose an ability for each side of the hexagon (attack, defense, spell, ...).
The side of an ability is very important when you are using it !
You can only change your hexa's abilities when equipping new stuff.
Another option is to use the rotation, to rotate all your abilities clockwise but this will keep the order of your abilities.

Oh almost forget, the game is turn-based, you are playing against the system to clear all the six floors of the dungeon.

We shared first task and started programming.
We currently have an hexagonal map with some others stuffs !

If you are doing an hexagonal based game, good reference here : Hexagonal Grids

Stay tune for Day #2, I mean by the end of today ^^
Good luck and have fun folks =3