Argh DNS/SSL Heroku and Gandi

We have a basic ("Hello World") website here:

Setting up Heroku: easy peasy
Domain registration at Gandi: easy peasy
Getting Gandi to point to the Heroku app correctly: ARGH

It turns out that Gandi only do "A" records for naked domains ( and Heroku require "CNAME" records. I've tried to setup a web redirect so and always point to (which has the required "CNAME" record pointing to the Heroku app), but while redirects to the unencrypted redirects to (which isn't what I configured, it should be https since I don't want to receive unencrypted traffic). Something's gone wrong (at Gandi?). Support ticket raised and here's hoping they can shed some light on it.

It's not really THAT important for a hacked-together-game-in-a-week-for-PyWeek, but I like things to work as advertised. ;-)

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I was about to suggest that you might be overcomplicating things and shoud just bang something together on a GCS instance with SimpleTCPServer, but actually, this Heroku thing looks pretty convenient. Heard the name but didn't know what it was. Thanks for introducing me to it!

For the domain name, couldn't you have used a subdomain from That's what I use for e.g. auto-update servers. Your url would be "textsmith.[something].com" then, but it's free and it's a 1-step setup process, paste in an IP, hit "OK," and it works.

/keeps refreshing to see updates