Day 1 - Game Concept and Start of an Engine

Today was a pretty rough start, not going to lie.

I didn't think 6 was going to be picked (I thought it was a little to vague), so I didn't brainstorm as many ideas for it beforehand. I was a little frustrated as usually I know what I'm going to build before the competition starts because I already have a couple of ideas in place. Since I didn't have as many for 6, I was a little bit disappointed with the few things I was able to think of.

I decided to go with a simple mini game where you have only 6 moves to complete a 6x6 level, where you have to find the right path that uses 6 or less moves to get out of the level. There are different obstacles and objects, such as walls, doors (which can be unlocked by keys), and portals.

Here's a small screenshot of what I have so far (no fancy graphics yet):

Day 1 Screenshot

I have a pretty early start tomorrow, so I'm going to go to bed.