Day 0 meb25

Voted for "wonder drug" followed by "ripples". They seemed the most flexible topics. "Barber of Seville" as a topic?   I had to look up what that was and after reading the wikipedia page I'm pretty sure I still have no idea. Maybe it's where the "Figaro, figaro" chant comes from in old-timey cartoons when the cat prepares to sing. Just a theory.  Most python stuff I do is reporting related and never really used pygame so I'm officially  vaguely worried that I am out of my league here! There seem to be at least two danger zones. One is using pygame and two is having it install and play on someone else's machine. We'll see... 

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I don't think you'll have a problem with getting Pygame to run on somebody else's machine. It's very rarely it doesn't work, though if you are compiling for macOS I would not suggest using Pygame 1.9.4 or newer because the audio module doesn't work when you run it.
Thanks OrionDark7 ! Good hint on the MacOS situation!