Operation Moonlight - how to play?

I tried to play Operation Moonlight. Looks very interesting but completely unballanced. Or buggy.

May be I not do something right?

Transmitter in the beginning wastes 50 energy per second and transmits 2 energy per second.

I have upgraded transmitter and now it eats 300 energy per second. I can not turn it off, it consumes energy even if I push button "stop sending" in the Earth window. I cut the connection to the transmitter and it is still consuming power.

One Hydrogen Gatherer gathers from one tile (labelled 468 Hydrogen) about 94 Hydrogen. Or 89 if I upgrade it.

Hydrogen Plant costs 1225 fully upgraded and gives 144 energy per second burning 16 H. It will burn one tile in 6 seconds converting $150 into 12 units of transmitted energy if you control everything very fast.

Solar plant costs 825 fully upgraded and gives 50 energy for free.

I see no reason to gather H in this situation.

P.S. I used Python 3.5

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Hey dude !
Did you try with the fix or without ?
I wrote this about final operation-moonlight.zip.

Now I see changes on github. That is much better!

Thanks for your attention by the way.
As you noticed, some parts are a bit unbalanced so we did a slight patch to update some values (hopefully we had a settings file for that =D) and to fix the point for which you opened an issue.

Hope you'll be able to have a better experience of the game !
Thanks! This seems like the kind of game I would really like but also noticed these issues. I'll try the github version now.

You also have a filename case (in)sensitivity bug. For example, it looks for data/gui/GUIBattery.png whereas the file path is data/Gui/GUIBattery.png

To fix this, you just have to make sure to have the same capitalization as the filename.
Oh it did some weird things on github, I do have two (Gui/gui) files, however just a single one on my computer !
It's due to windows case insensitivity =S

I have normally fixed this point, sadly no one of them tried it on an other os.
Thanks for your comment !

Tell me if you still have problem.