The game is finished!

In the last day, we got quite a lot done. The background now scrolls with the flow, we have an instructions and difficulty menu. There's a scoreboard, a nice main menu and targets are no longer circles.

If you're reviewing the game, here are a few things to bear in mind:
  • There are no checks on house generation, so a target may spawn blocked in (I've never seen this actually happen, but it is possible in theory). In this case, you have to wait for the sticks to clear the way.
  • The most recent upload contains a couple of fixes is one bug, which I did this morning. You can see all changes here. We didn't do anything on Sunday, and nothing today after 07:10, so I hope it balances out. You can still use QuantumPotato's earlier upload if you want.
  • Ignore anything in the shell. You might want to minimise it.
  • You need Python 3.6+ and Pygame 1.8+
Anyway, this has probably been the best entry I, or in this case we, have ever submitted. It's the first time I've actually implemented circle–rect collisions, as well (although they are a bit buggy), so I'm pretty pleased with how this has worked out.