Day 2 - Graphics, Mechanics, and Engines

Today was a very productive day. I added toggleable Traffic Lights that cars stop at. I was able to make the cars start back up again after Traffic. Cars can also be a random color / type of vehicle determined during it's spawn. I was able to create images for Blue and Red sedans, a White Van, and A Yellow Taxi Cab. I also added Graphics for Traffic Lights, the Background, as well as Roads and Intersections.

One feature I worked pretty hard on is lighting effects based on the time of day in game. The screen will gradually get darker/brighter as the game goes along. Based off of this, I was able to add headlights to cars when it's dark enough.

Another thing is I added an Information Box in the Bottom left, specifying the Level Goals, how far you were to completing them, and the Time left on the current level. In addition to this I added a Notification box that appears whenever a car accident occurs. Within the notification, you can locate the accident (still a small bit buggy) and close it, all with the click of a button or the press of a key.

Finally, I added objectives for the player to complete. One objective is to get x amount of cars out of the level before the time runs out. Another is to avoid x amount of accidents until the time runs out. When you fail, you get sent to a "Game Over!" screen. When you win, you get sent to a "You Win!" screen.

Here's a screenshot:

Day 2 Screenshot

Overall, it was a very productive day. I am working at a fast, but quality speed. I also have a Idea and engine set in place. But most importantly, I am proud of the things I have accomplished.