Day 1

I don't need to wait until the end of the day to post something, as for day 1 I will probably just prepare the structure and internal mechanic.

I am not sure I will manage to finish this pyweek, as I have a really busy week at work.
When I registered, I was hoping to explore new libraries and try totally new things, but due to the lack of time, I will not be very original and I will stick with what I know.

The game will be a platformer game with a twist.
You play Kenneth, a sentient drop of water escaping the military lab where it was created.
The twist is that each time you move, you lose a bit of water, which means you lose a bit of life.
The goal is to find the exit of the level, in the optimal way to avoid losing all your health or getting stuck.

Few game play characteristics that I would like to have:
* You can recharge your health with bonuses in the level.
* You can jump, the height reached depends of your health level (so if you miss a jump, it can mean that you have to restart the level because you don't have enough health to make it any more).
* You cannot direct yourself when jumping, you just conserve your momentum. There is also a sliding and accelerating effect.
* When jumping, you lose as much health as when you move vertically (to avoid having to always use one way of moving).
* When you hit the ground after falling, you lose health in a quadratic way: falling from x pixels makes you lose something proportional to x². It means that you will lose less by falling from 3 times 10 pixels (~300) than by falling 1 time 30 pixels (~900).
* Losing health changes your size, and maybe some stuffs will depends on that (not sure yet).
* Hopefully, there will be specific stuffs in different levels (special traps, enemies, slightly different physics, ...).

The link with the theme is, I hope, obvious, as you are playing a water drop that moves by flowing, with few elements being caracteristic of a flowing liquid.

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I look forward to meeting Kenneth. :)
Watch out for those high drops!