Github repository

I have difficulties editing my entry because of the github repository field.
If empty, it complains that someone else has the same value.
Additionally, I'm using gitlab. I think it would be better to let people use whatever service they want, as there is no reason to disfavour alternative git service websites.

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I'll look into this. Sorry about the inconvenience.

It is GitHub specific at the moment to feed the "new commits" feature on the timeline.

Thanks for the explanations.
It's unfortunate for you that we will discover such problems in the middle of the pyweek, but of course, it's the only time when those features are tested by plenty of users having different needs. I don't want to take too much of your time on this issue, as you participate to the pyweek.

What is the recommendation now?
1) Wait until it's fixed. The fix being adding the optionality of this field for this pyweek and fix it for later pyweek.
2) Wait until it's fixed. The fix being the field works also with gitlab.
3) Create a github account.

I would prefer 1, as it's a minimal work for you. I'm a bit reluctant to create a new account on github just for pyweek, but if really unavoidable, I can do it.
I know what the bug is - the field value has to be unique unless it is NULL, but it's attempting to store the empty string instead, and someone has already done that.
You can set it to any foo/bar if you want to update the other fields - it isn't checked.
This issue should now be fixed.