Implementing non-anonymous ratings and other ideas

As a follow-up to the discussion in recent threads (e.g., there is some consensus that making ratings non-anonymous is a good idea. This has two goals: to reduce the amount of low-quality, nonconstructive feedback, and to encourage open discussion about games after the competition is over. There's also some general interest in improving post-competition discussion with the overall goal of making the community tighter, though we need to make these ideas more concrete. If you see other positive or negative sides to these ideas, please add them to the discussion.

The next question is: how can we move these ideas forward? I think non-anonymous ratings shouldn't be hard to implement (mauve, any thoughts?), but if we are going beyond that, I'm guessing this is not a one-person job. I'm willing to contribute, but I'd like someone else to take the lead because I'm a bit limited by time.

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you are right.