Linux Users!

There is an issue with the music for you!  Really sorry it was caught so late!  It can be fixed by renaming a music from beginning with "They say" to "They Say" (capital "s").

We will try to have a download soon.

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hi, bitcraft, glad see you here :) I just run your game, the man in the title is really handsome, though I am a man, I still be attracted, OK, just joking. there is minor problems, the first thing 

I think it should change the modernoffice.jpg file into modernoffice.png :)

I get an error when I first run it

pygame.error: Couldn't open C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\assets\images\modernoffice.png

and then the game story told me to fix the internet, but how to fix it, it give me a hint 'fixme' I do not know what to do, sorry for my poor IQ :) after several try, I just click the mouse, then got the error message

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "C:/Users/pc/Desktop/a-patchwork-orange1/a-patchwork-orange1/", line 4, in <module>


  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\", line 58, in main

    Game(minigame_manager, {"game-state": "wake-up-dialog"}).run()

  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\core\", line 23, in run

    self.show_graph("mission-1.yaml", "network.tmx")

  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\core\", line 71, in show_graph


  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\core\", line 74, in run_minigame


  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\minigames\graphview\", line 136, in initialize

    **r.mini_game_keyword_args if r.mini_game_keyword_args is not None else {})

  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\core\", line 75, in run_minigame

  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\minigames\fixaserver\", line 69, in run

    game_loop = self.update()

  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\minigames\fixaserver\", line 132, in update

    if not self.handle_events():

  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\minigames\fixaserver\", line 100, in handle_events

    return self.handle_mouse_click(event)

  File "C:\Users\pc\Desktop\a-patchwork-orange1\a-patchwork-orange1\patchworkorange\minigames\fixaserver\", line 179, in handle_mouse_click

    if FIX_ME[int(key[-1])] == "ACTIVE" and self.score < 20:

IndexError: list index out of range

what happened? and would you tell me how to solve the problem (I mean fix the internet in the game) :)

hey xmzhang! good to see you.  thanks for checking the game out.  i wish i could tell you the guy was me, but...its not!  we used free stock photos for everything.  unfortunately, we ran out of time, and couldn't bug fix everything.

I will update the build and post a link somewhere shortly.  i'll pm you on reddit :D