Game Finished!

We finished and uploaded the game with 4 hours to go! We could not figure out how to package it though... If anyone knows how to, can you please comment below? I would love to be able to package my code in the future. Thank You You all and Good Luck!

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There are a couple packages you could use.

One I see lots of people use is pyinstaller, it works on any platform (even Linux...), and only takes one command to package a whole game.

There's also your standard py2exe and py2app, but it's a little more complicated.

One I personally like to use for Windows is cx_freeze (actually styled as cx_Freeze...) which is complicated, but it gives you a lot of advanced custom options, and even allows you to make Windows installer files.

Hope that help, nice job guys!

Thank you for the tips! I will definitely try it next time