This is IT

Well that was a roller coaster.. i really couldn't find the rhythm this pyweek, was struggling to write the branching story.. its' actually a game type i never tried before, i should have spent some time finding a tool for the conversation stuff, instead i stuck to writing the json file and it was hard to read it after a while to make sense of where i was going. Hopefully this is something i can figure soon.

One good thing from my perspective is that iv'e gotten a framework for loading cocos creators' output into my game using cocos python. It's not perfect but its a good start :D Hopefully ill' be able to work on it further.. ill upload the code for that project separately, hoping there will be takers.

Cant' wait to try out all the other entries.

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I'm getting an error:

Hello from your game's main()
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 4, in 
  File "/home/paul/Development/PyWeek25/yes_no_world-0.9/gamelib/", line 57, in main
    scn = CreateScene() #gameplay.CreateGameScene()
  File "/home/paul/Development/PyWeek25/yes_no_world-0.9/gamelib/", line 47, in CreateScene
    scene = cr.LoadScene("Scene/home.ccreator")
  File "/home/paul/Development/PyWeek25/yes_no_world-0.9/gamelib/", line 292, in LoadScene
    buf = pyglet.resource.file(path_to_file, "rb").read()
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pyglet/", line 438, in file
    raise ResourceNotFoundException(name)
pyglet.resource.ResourceNotFoundException: Resource "Scene/home.ccreator" was not found on the path.  Ensure that the filename has the correct captialisation.
@PaulBrownMagic Are you on windows? can you please change the file path in the
Uploaded RC2 with the os.path.join instead of the hard coded path. This should help solve the issue.
It appears you forgot to include the game resources.

As said above it searches for "Scene/home.ccreator", which doesn't exist anywhere in your distribution.

Speaking of it, your distribution ONLY contains Python files (and a README)

Oh damn.. I didn't realize that the create zip script only adds the data directory.. I should have checked. Will upload again.
Here is the link to game + resources  [Full Bundle]
Here is the link to resources [Resource Bundle]

Please make this effort to review my entry..