Day 4-6: Progress

I've been running at a pretty hectic pace, so haven't had much time to write anything. I'm working on a 3D first-person exploration/adventure game set within two worlds connected via portals that transport you between simultaneous positions in space but in different worlds. This years theme was my top pick, so I was pretty happy; had a basic idea of what I would do with this theme straight up at the start.

Day 1-3: pretty much spent all of this time world building: created a little beach with a bit of audio atmosphere and critters. I spent most of day 3 figuring out how to get pyopengl to load large obj files quickly (well quicker than the default implementation I started with).

Day 4: started implementing teleportation mechanics, interaction with world objects and control panels etc.

Day 5: fine-tuned the audio and composed some background music, implemented nuisance stuff like title screens, pause screens etc.

Day 6: started designing puzzles and building levels, additional 3D modelling

I think I'm pretty much on track for finishing on time, but as usual, it will be a marathon stretch to the finish :).