First day

So it was 3AM here when the theme was announced. So I heard it and retired, thinking I probably will do an IcyTower clone or an adventure game where you are stuck in a mall and the doors are all blocked (so you gotta find and climb the stairs etc). This idea is cool and funny but I think I was shooting too far, doings it from scratch will take more than a week.

So somewhere in the middle of the day a cool idea struck - Sim Tower! It was one of the nicest games I remember, it is a cool idea, and it gives the theme a twist.

While I was still pondering PyTower VS adventure game, I managed to make some "generic" menu code (see screeny) and skeleton of a game.

I'm gonna plan some stuff, maybe make a class datagram, or a DD and then retire to sleep.
Some tools I'm using in the development process: Komodo - The killer IDE... MS OneNote - A blog for myself...Including to-do lists, notes, and just coolness :) An Ubuntu VM I'm trying to make into a test comp.

A comment on other people's games - WOW! Some people already have levels and tiles and stuff...That's just amazing...Keep on the code monkeying!

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