Finally Implemented the Theme

The whole game revolves around you(a spirit) taking care of a tree to feed humans.

I'm having a lot of fun working on this one. I really like messing around with FX, which I normally don't get much of a chance to work on in Ludum Dares because I tend to work on larger projects than this in a shorter span of time. To be honest, my LD games are probably way funner to play, but I'm liking the artistic work I get to put into this one.

The spirit world uses 3 colors while the human one uses 2. I'm finding it pretty fun to work with these restrictions even though my other games probably look better.

DaFluffyPotato on 2018/04/17 03:37 of DaFluffyPotato
edited on 2018/04/17 03:38

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Looks nice! I like the pixel art.