Playing with Godot

Ugh, so Two Worlds was my lowest preference theme, and waking up this morning I immediately decided I didn't like the ideas I had for it.

While trying to come up with an idea, I spent some time installing Godot and Godot-Python, and I got an example working, but it's clear that the learning curve for Godot is steep. Using Python with it, which is almost undocumented, just makes that steeper. None of my ideas are simple enough that I would be able to achieve them in Godot in a week. I think the only way to come at that would be to develop some games in GDScript, Godot's built-in scripting language, first, to understand the API and capabilities.

I'm now looking at what I might be able to do with three.js. I think this is going to be a technology-driven Pyweek for me, where I work out what I can do with the technologies available rather than start from the theme and pick technologies to make my idea work.