Day 1 - Engine Building & Brainstorming

Me and my Dad came up with the greatest game idea for "Two Worlds" before it was even picked, so I used that for our game.

The idea is a little complex, it's two different levels, with one avatar in each of the levels. You control both avatars, but you can only see one of them at a time.

Anyways, I've started building a small engine for the game, while Space has been helping me with designing some graphics and thinking up more ideas to make the game better over Google Hangouts. The engine isn't much, it basically just divides the screen into 2 seperate sections, and neither player can enter the others section, or go outside the window. It also basically just allows you to switch between which player you're looking at.

Right now, I'm calling it "Parallel", since they're both in different worlds parallel to each other. I have not cleared it with Space, but we'll see.