pygame awesome libraries?

What are some awesome libraries for pygame?

I'll start with a few...

What's awesome or almost awesome?

ps. I also asked over on the pygame reddit.

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ok, unfortunately not pip-ready but with really good references: Serge Game Engine by Paul Paterson

Pygame Zero by Daniel Pope aka lordmauve:

Serge Game Engine, original location:

if you actually want to make games with python, use kivy. it is endlessly better than pygame. However it's probably too late to start learning for this pyweek

also pybullet for fast 3d physics
Oh I haven't seen Serge Game Engine before. And pgzero is indeed awesome. Thanks @prake.

@IvanTHoffmann  pybullet is very cool indeed! Thanks. However, it's 20MB and doesn't have binaries for win, mac, linux. Seems a bit 'researchy' and not polished for distributing games yet. For me anyway... I prefer not to have to make binaries for such libraries myself.

Fellow python game developers, you might want to have a look at this awesome project for your entries.

Godot engine is pretty neat open source game engine. Ability to code in python is an added bonus :)
Use Unity.
@illume "pip install pybullet" gives you a link to download an automatic compiler. Once you download and install that, you can use pip again and it works :)

at least that's what i did on two windows machines and it worked great both times

@illume but you can't use python in Unity.. i was recommending this engine because it has python support.
@gizmo_thunder sorry, that was a bit of a bad in-joke. It seems in every public discussion about pygame there's always someone who comes in and suggests that people use Unity instead. And explained unfunny jokes are the unfunniest jokes, and so here we are.

@IvanTHoffmann yeah, it requires a compiler on Mac and Linux too. I wish everyone had a compiler installed by default... but I feel that wish might not come true any time soon. I didn't find any examples to use it with pygame, but I did find a google doc where they keep their documentation. Also on their github there is a folder with python examples (examples/pybullet/examples).

I collected all the answers in the pygame reddit here:

It was quite surprising to me that I found a number of good libraries to use that I'd never heard about before.