What is "Well documented"?

Hey guys,

I'm looking forward to PyWeek #25, but before I get started, I have a question.

I am the maintainer of three different game-development libraries: PyGLM, PyOgg and PyOpenAL - all of which are based on / bindings for existing C or C++ libraries.

Now I'm wondering wether or not these can be considered well documented, as the bindings themselves are not (except for new functions), but can be used basically the same way as the original (well documented) libraries.

Thanks a lot for clearing this up for me.

Best regards,


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There is currently no documentation for PyGLM.

It sounds like you believe your documentation isn't "ready".

However, as far as I know, nobody has ever been disqualified from Pyweek for a rule violation.

I personally find it very difficult to use C/C++ library bindings without good Python-specific documentation. You are just guessing at how the APIs translate, and it may be possible to get some things working, but you get bitten again and again and things that didn't work how you expected.