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Hi all,

Pyweek is a great pleasure for me and gives me motivation for improving my skills.

But sometimes it can  be frustrating when being stuck up.

i open this topic for very useful tips , hacks , script or tools improving productivity.


Today, i have to deal with a problem unsolved  by myself and after digging on stackoverflow.

I need a script (mine failed) to resize+convert alpha background on gif files.

gif are often optimized and you will get dirty trail by direct processing throught extracted frames.


What about adding a dedicated new section Pyweeker ScriptToolbox with your hacks working for example  with pillow , gimp , audacity or Tiled, etc.
So good to spare precious time while pyweeking !

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Pygame.org has a wiki that actually has quite a bit of this kind of content, if you can find it.
thank you mauve for your answer. Yes it gives stuff to learn .

for my trouble i found an idea : fast screenshooting, with a loop : croping frames, resize, gimp for canal alpha( by hand), and finally
convert to new animated gif.