Is it allowed to recycle other pyweeker medias ?

I think to gain time by recycling old medias from me or other pyweeker's one (ie sounds, icons...).
the 6th rule says:

6. Existing artwork, music and sound effects may be used

As with the use of existing codebases, the intention is that all entrants start with a level playing field in artwork too. This means you shouldn't develop artwork beforehand that you intend to use during the challenge unless you also make that artwork freely available to all other entrants.There should be absolutely no breach of licensing. You can't just cut-n-paste in artwork from The Simpsons (TM).First suggestion, try a web search for "free fonts" or "free clip-art" etc.
A list of good, free art resources go to the PyGame website wiki (and contribute!) at

So ?

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Sounds fine.