Well, it's finally over.

Looks my game pissed some of you guys off, in that case, I did my job correctly.

I screwed up big time on a lot of things:

  1. Yeah, my physics engine could've been better, I realized you shouldn't be able to run into walls (Usually on other physics engines I use for games, I fixed this, but not this time I guess.) and I realized the gravity was horrible, and the jumping seemed pretty weird.
  2. I really should've done better on sound-effects. Even if I had got them from some free online site instead of trying to make them (not saying I did.), then I think I would've done a little bit better.
  3. The "DerpCat" level was kind of odd, and I think I didn't put enough time and effort into it.
  4. I didn't spend enough time on animations and special effects, I could have added some more things here and there, like that little gray dot nobody was able to identify (it was a laser cannon), I should've found a way to make it seem like it was shooting you. Problem is I really don't know how to do all of this. But I'm working it out.

I don't think I had a problem with the storyline or the plot really, I think I did pretty good on that considering how much time I put into it.

And yes, the game was supposed to piss you off, I intentionally did that just to try to make it a little more addicting, and to try to make it a little more tricky and fun. I also did for the sake of just pissing you off (I had some friends try it, they got kinda mad at it.).

I know all of this sounds very pessimistic. But at least I was able to identify what I did wrong and how I can do better, and what I need to keep doing and what I need to stop doing. I'm really glad I did this so I get to know what people really think about how I made this, and not a couple of my friends using sympathetic voices to say "Uhh, yeah, it's pretty good.". Thanks so much for all your input, and see you in a couple of months.