Windows executable, etc.

Thank you all for your support!  I'm really doing my best to play through all of the games here, I love it!

I just tried to run the executable in a different version of Win7 and it did not execute successfully.  If you are a windows user you may need to simply run it from source, my apologies!

To do the compiling I used PyInstaller, which seemed to be working just fine, but there must have been something I've overlooked.  If anyone has tips hit me up, I'd love to hear them!

Otherwise, enjoy the new executables, and be sure to vote and award as generously as you see fit!  I'd like to do a lot to the code, but this was enough to get it working and really convey what the whole idea of the game was.  It's not supposed to be perfect, like pygame it's supposed to be pretty okay.

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This game made me laugh so hard. I REALLY liked song, top work!