Screen Size

Sorry I didn't make the screen size more manageable in game. 

If you run from source and want to change the resolution, go to src/ and adjust SCREENW and SCREENH. It might break fullscreen, but it should work otherwise.

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Sorry I didn't mean for that to be rude I was just joking.
Don't know where else to post this but it crashed on me

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 5, in <module>
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/", line 24, in main
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/state/", line 17, in main
    complete = self.current_state.main()
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/state/", line 64, in main
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/state/", line 158, in run
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/state/state_components/", line 18, in run
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/actor/ai/", line 32, in run
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/actor/ai/behaviours/", line 17, in run_behaviour
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/actor/ai/behaviours/", line 16, in run_specifics
    if self.ai_component.foe is not None and self.foe_alive()and self.fight_foe():
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/actor/ai/behaviours/", line 53, in fight_foe
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/actor/", line 117, in attack
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/actor/", line 47, in take_damage
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/actor/", line 50, in die
  File "/Users/pmdevita/Downloads/fairy_kingdom_1.0/src/state/state_components/", line 12, in remove_object
ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list

Also, is there any way to remove rocks or stumps?
Oh it happened when I placed a rock on an orc
Sorry about that. I think I've fixed that in a post pyweek build. I'm going to put it up on if I get around to it.

Yes, if you have some mushlocks using picks, you can use the mark power and mark the rock for destruction. nearby mushlocks will go mine it.