Day 7: Finished!

Writing this after a good night (or two)'s sleep. I was just too tired straight after submitting.

I'm pretty happy with what I managed to get finished: the game mechanic came together in the last few days .. I think it works although I can't say whether the 3D aspects work or not. The only thing I really didn't manage to get done was put a few more mechanics in the final boss battle ... I just ran out of time and had to wrap it up, so what I've got I think will do OK.

Day 4: Spent this time starting to build the models for some of the static targets and NPCs, worked on getting the basic titlescreen, pause screen and out game loop working well.

Day 5: developed the mechanic for NPC visibility (so you can sneak behind them) and behaviours for when they notice you and go to investigate vs. they flat out see you and start blasting at you. Developed frills like explosions etc.

Day 6: fleshed out a basic message tutorial system that spits out helpful(?) messages in the first few levels, designed these levels

Day 7: Did the modelling for the "HackerBot". I was a bit concerned because at this stage my protagonist was still just a little green placeholder ball rolling around, so I spent a bit of time building a little spider-like robot model for him (I'm pretty happy how he turned out!). It took me a while to get the moving legs happening. Did all the rest of the level design and implemented the whole ending boss sequence. This was a pretty epic 12 hour straight grind to the finish line. 6:40am: went to sleep .... for like 20 minutes before my 4 year old son woke me up :)