Day 8 (Releasing)

Today has been a busy release day (though not as busy as the contest). Larry is at Pycon Ireland and has been showing the game off to people. Through this he has found a couple of crash bugs and pushed fixes, and I fixed a bug that blocked correct level/powerup progression.

I'm very conscious that out entry uses a number of native extensions - including one that was created during the contest! It's a first for me to actually start, develop and release a library to PyPI during the contest.

Both Larry and I develop on Linux, but there was no intention to write a game that only works on Linux. Today I've been looking into using Appveyor to build binary wheels for Windows for the extensions we use. Mainly this is a case of fixing build/compile problems, which is boring, time-consuming work (non-Pyweek work).

Appveyor is great, though - it means that I can compile stuff for Windows without having a full Windows development environment.

So, I don't know that these are working - just building - but here are some successful Appveyor builds to try if you are a Windows user:

If you click on the build for your Python architecture (32/64-bit - type platform.architecture() in a Python REPL) and then "ARTIFACTS" at the top-right you'll see wheel files you can 'pip install'. The other dependencies are pure Python or have wheels on PyPI.

Please let me know in the comments if these wheels work for you (or not!). I now maintain lepton on PyPI so I will upload wheels for both of these.

I'm working on setting up a virtual machine to test these myself.

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Update on this: the lepton wheel works! I was able to run previous games that use this. The lightvolume build doesn't. Still investigating.
I'm told that the lightvolume wheel works if you install GLEW from the GLEW website.
Hi @mauve! I don't know if I'm the only one troubled running your game, but could you please post some kind of a summary/guide on how to run it on Windows? I'm eager to check it out but I'm failing setting up all of the dependencies.
@tito - See Larry's post here. The short answer is try this release and let us know if it works for you.