First diary entry for Bing the Robot

Already Wednesday and I haven't done any diary entries yet.
Well, I'd rather spend my time coding.

On the good news:
- I have a lot of free time (by chance, I don't have that much deadline this week), so I progress quickly.
- I enjoy coding this small project, more than I was expecting from the initial idea. I experiment with small visual details (sound and animation when the rover bumps on obstacle, cut-scenes for the story). That may be only relevant for me, but I think it's part of what makes the final game look good.

On the not-so-good news:
- this theme was my least favourite one. I'm a bit disappointed the theme is not reflected in the game play. In the original idea, the limitation of the robot was justified by the fact that "they" control all the good robots and that you have to use the busted one. But this story was to complicated to exploit. I hope the link I've made, visible only at the end, will not look like to far-fetched.