Day 3: Progress

The themes were pretty cool this year; I was pretty happy with the outcome ... not my top choice but I had a few ideas lined up. I'm working with the concept of a stealth game in which you can "hack" into and take control of more powerful NPCs (hence you as a player being "behind" everything) and get them to do your biddings in order to complete some pre-defined mission objectives.

I'm going solo this comp, hence down on 2D art skills, so I'm going to try and do something 3D using PyOpenGL, because I'm keen to learn a bit of 3D graphics programming. Hence, I'm also trying to add a bit of a 3D bent to the stealth aspects of the game: what I've got so far is that the player controls a little "hackerbot" that is basically trying to break into a space-based defence installation ... you can drift between asteroids and other space debris, hide behind them and then "hack" into NPCs that come into range.

Day 1: played around alot with PyOpenGL, got some basic functionality for textured models. Day 2: got some basic environment assets started, control system basics mapped out. Day 3: some basic HUD, some basic NPC behaviours, mechanics for "hacking" starting to be fleshed out.

I'm a bit concerned that I'm over-scopeing and also concerned that I don't really have a good game concept fleshed out yet, just a bunch of experimental mechanics ... oh well, I am enjoying learning the ins and outs of OpenGL.