Day 3 - Level Building + Game Saving

        Okay, so I didn't get as much work done as I hoped. I was able to make fully-functional NPC's, that when you run into them, it takes you to their dialog screen. So now that I have almost as much as I need for in-game objects done, I started building some levels. I didn't get very far. I only got about 4 levels done, and those aren't really challenging. It's just an introduction.

        I also added game saving/loading functionality. When you exit the game, the game will save your score and the current level you're on to one of 3 different save files, which you pick which to load/save from when you start the game.

Other than that, that's pretty much it. I now do have a downloadable .zip archive for Python 2.7 and Pygame users (I recommend at least using Pygame 1.8.). You can download it here.

Have a good night everyone (Assuming we are in nearby timezones.)