Day 2 - GUI Development and Platformer Engine + Objects made

        Wow, I had a lot of caffeine and sugar today. Never give a kid too much sugar or caffeine, no matter what their reason is, whether they are studying, getting up early, or it's their birthday. NEVER let a kid have too much caffeine or/and sugar. Deep Thoughts by OrionDark7.

        I am almost done with the Menu GUI, I'm also adding some Game Save functionality. I've added complete button functionality. I made a Platformer Engine for the game, and I'm adding in certain objects to accompany it. I was able to develop the first level, and here it is:

the platformer engine and level 1.

        Oh, I forgot to tell you the theme of the game! It's about these starving mice living in a pantry, and they decide to take over the kitchen to be able to eat. I call it Rodentopia (yes, it needed to be that overexaggerated.).

What I'm planning on adding next:

        It will be much harder for me now, as tomorrow I have school. And I was caught in a really busy week. I have Robotics, a Band Concert, and I have to go to my friends B-Day party. Ah well. I'll work something out.

Also, I'm hoping to have a Python 2.7 version of the game on this site tomorrow, so if you wanna try it, come here tomorrow.