Day 1 - Brainstorming and Game Foundation

For a teenager, I think I'm doing pretty well in terms of time management.

        Anyways, I did some brainstorming today. I narrowed it down to a couple of ideas. I decided to take a safer route and instead of choosing what I would think is fun, I tried to ask my family and friends what they thought would be more fun. I'm still waiting for some of my friends to reply, but I think I've got a general idea of what I'm going to do.

        In the meantime, I started building a basic foundation for the game using the Pygame module. So far I have a loading screen, and I'm working on a basic menu screen. It's still got a long way to go (considering it's the first day.), but I'm working on it.

        I'm also kind of a clean freak, so I've been writing down all my ideas, documentation, and important information in a Notebook. And, I added a Table of Contents (yes, I'm a really, really, really organized person, you should see how clean my room is.).

Well, I'm gonna go to bed and work on this a bit tomorrow morning.