Tower defense this time? yeah~~, good luck to me!

Hi~ o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ, nice meeting you all!

I decided to write diary before the challenge, because during the past pyweeks, I really hardly have time to finish my game, couldn't to say have time to write diaries. This pyweek's themes are

I never saw that coming

It's too dangerous

Los Angeles has been saved

Storm's dying down

They're behind everything

According to the experts words, they are come from Sharknado. Sadly, I never saw it, but from the search engine, I know it is about Shark intrude Los Angeles and human defend home. So after several hours thinking, I decide to make my game genre to tower defense. no matter how the final theme is, I just make story to hit it. Say, if 'Storm's dying down' win at last. I will introduce Storm to defeat the enermies, when storm dying down, the enermies get stronger, so player should build more towers. Something like that, so this week, I will do the main part of the game, the structure of the code, the title screen, the game logic, the splash screen, etc. next week, make story to hit the theme, Maybe it is not exactly follow the pyweek rules,

:)  I want to show my better game to you all.

And this time, I want to give myself a challenge, use kivy, I do not know I am crazy or not, because kivy is not friendly as pygame. There are many big pitfalls, even just now, I read the post!topic/kivy-users/wj0J5vA8s8Q .I have to say I have the same feelings, spent hours and hours googling(I even meet problem of using google due to my awesome country), I would spend hours to debug, maybe at last I can not package my code. Anyhow, kivy is using event-dispatch programming, if I want to be professional,I should learn it. And of course all the kivy's authors are much awesome than me, I want to learn their code, their style, just make myself be stronger. I know there is kivent, but it is harder, I can not manage it, but maybe one day I will write a game in kivent, who knows.

For Tower defense (TD) game, I am not good at this genre, this is really fun if the game designer did not play the game well :) I once read a blog about tower defense, there are some points I have noticed, one thing is hex tiles, it is not easily easy use x,y to describe the pos, once I saw reddit/r/pygame challange is about hex, however, I have some try, but to be honest, how about with tiled, pytmx still works? or I should use kivent to do loading the map? And another problem I am worried a lot is the path finding, say A*, it seemed not very hard, but maybe hard to implement, because the heuristic function maybe surprised me.So I should pay much attention about these problems, one minor problem may ruin all my ideas :) And for the TD game itself, how to design the enermy health, the tower damage, shooting frequency, the enermy come out frequency, their moving speed, the tower building cost, etc, all the values should be carefully designed, of course, I can just copy other opensource TD games, but I want to deal with it. :) oh my god, I am worried maybe my entry will be 'no entry'.

About the game title, by chance it is called 'no entry', I just want to mean blocking the enemies, hope it will not DNF at last. You may have heard this one: The early bird catches the worm. In Chinese, there is also similar saying: Clumsy birds have to start flying early -- the slow need to start early. So I will start now :)