Help me to find this pyweek game (name forgotten)

the action takes place on Mars or on the Moon.
It's a city builder style, you have to connect structures to make them work.
There are lines symbolizing links between structures wich draws particles along the lines.(energy or electricity stream)
Periodically, you have to defense against UFO attacks. You can repair your base.
When links are destroyed, you have to use the net differently to supply energy to the structures.

The name of the game dont seem to have the word "Mars" or "Moon" or "Planet".

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Was it this one?
No, thank you for your answer, it's a 2d game.
I remember this once vaguely, but I can't say which one it was nor in which pyweek it was. Also google did not reveal any good hits and looking through all games would be quite time consuming.
I got it !
thanks to pygame photos !
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