Game Over :-)

Today it was one more time a harder day. Struggling around with the python package management. cx_Freeze, distutils, pyinstaller, py2exe, py2app - what the f*ck?!
In the  morning I still added some features and fixed some presentation problems on the intro screen. So, I had the chance to review my knowledge of pygame's blit functionality and other graphics stuff like per-pixel-alpha.
Very late afternoon, almost evening, I went on with cx_Freeze. And after 4 to 5 hours, several Python, cx_Freeze and pyinstaller installation later, I have at least the feeling that I understand a little bit how cx_Freeze works. In between and in hope that the packaging worked better I restructured the directories and even the coding a little bit. The result was a last upload with a source and binary (for Windows). I downloaded it on another windows machine and at least on this my package was working. Unfortunately the very last uplaod came a little bit, tool late :-( So, I am completey dependent on the grace of the pyweek referees.

Good Night and Happy Judging for all of us.


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I always grab the source. I think most do. Packaging is such a pain, I'm surprised you got it to work. Congrats. Most people would agree: it's more work than it's worth. Just, you know, source is fine, in case you don't want the frustration next time. =)