First Day Summary

With the announcement made of the theme our minds clicked into high gear. Ideas spewed forth like wood chips from a saw. And like wood chips they were mostly fit for hamster litter. We dispaired. And then it came to us, our light, our plan, our vision if you will.

Picture if you will, an alternative universe. One where technology stopped shortly after the advent of the steam engine. Even stagnant, advances were made and industry spread. Dark times fell upon the land like a plague of dark things and cruel men ruled the world. Bound in servitude there was but one choice for freedom. One choice for glory. It was (insert yet undecided name here)!

In (insert yet undecided name here), you pit your skills as a driver against others like you. Your ride is your life. A precision amalgamation of gears, boilers, and valves. It is a three tonne pressurized bomb that you guide through precision turns while avoiding pitfalls and traps, both natural and set by your opponents. Only one will win, and they shall win it all. Will it be you?


Ok, anyways, so this is how it went. We decided to do a steampunk racing game and came to that conclusion based on several reasons. First, we've never done 3d in python before. Sketchy. But it could be fun and we'll learn a tonne as we go. Second, it seemed like a project that lent itself to a greater degree of participation from our entire group. Third, it's a genre we're all familiar with and it should add a level of familiarity which will bode well for both us and those playing it when we're done.

We had a powwow with most of our members and managed to get ideas and enthusiasm flowing. Now comes the hard part, making it work and come together. We've got some concept art sketches done of tracks, vehicles, and such as well as the beginning framework for the actual engine. Starting to look exciting and everything is going along smoothly. If I feel ambitious later I'll put up some photos of the concept art. For now, we're going strong but about to pass out.