Beneath the Ice: Wrap up

Thanks to everyone who played our game and thanks for the helpful feedback!

I think this year I am going to try and get an updated version of the game out sometime in the next few weeks, incorporating the feedback we got. Will post these on the game page at a future date. Apologies for some of the tedium in a few of the puzzles (its so hard to get this right in seven days :) ): this is something I'd like to tease out to make the game flow better across the levels. We also had a few extra mechanics planned out that were implemented but not actually used in any puzzles for lack of time (for example, the little red squids that float around will actually act as a shark lure if you harpoon and drag them around).

We really had a blast this comp, so many amazing games: congrats Tee for the individual win with Breach (my personal favourite)! Thanks to blakeohare for running the comp this year: once again, so glad pyweek exists and the community that surrounds it putting in many sleepless nights to produce such fun games :) !